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500ml ABV 18%

Made In Hong Kong 香港製造


thence. 02 2024 | Lemon


Featuring locally grown Perfume lemons, infamous for the aromatic zesty peel. Each handpicked by farmers of Hong Kong and meticuously blended by our team.


Experience the refreshing zest coupled with locally sourced honey.


Thence 02  2024 | 本地香水檸檬蜂蜜甜酒







About thence.


Discover the essence of nature's bounty with thence, a symphony of seasonally curated infusions that captivate the senses and elevate the spirit. Each limited-edition batch, meticulously handcrafted in collaboration with local farmers, celebrates the vibrant tapestry of flavors born from our cherished earth. Embracing a farm-to-bottle philosophy, thence pays homage to the passionate growers who nurture the land and harvest its finest fruits and herbs. Our artisans weave these treasures into a harmonious blend, creating an unforgettable experience that whispers the secrets of each season's soul.



關於 Thence


Thence 是 「from here」的意思,從這裡出發,小批量製作,我們視之為再一次沉思本土可能性的習作。Thence 採用本地採收蜂蜜及時令植物,以多重過濾中性酒提取其精神風味,在輕盈蜜滋裡留住我城一瓢陽光水土的剪影。

copy of thence.02 2024 | Lemon 香水檸檬蜂蜜甜酒