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Through the floral-patterned glass, the obscured light and shadows casts a screenplay of our nostalgic past.

The mass of the walnut wood, carries with it the textures of time.

We are witnesses of these troubled times, we wish you well, and may we gather again underneath our perfume trees.



Perfume Trees Gin Miniature Boxset

50 ml 45% ABV




Solid Walnut Box with Embossed Glass Panel

[8.5 x 6.7 x 14.5cm (LxWxH)]


Created in Hong Kong, Distilled in Netherlands


Perfume Trees Gin launches 50ml miniature collectable boxset.

RRP: HK$388/set

purchases 6 sets or above: Extra 15% off

Perfume Trees Gin Premium Miniature box Set (50ml 45% ABV)


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