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Vol : 50ml

ABV: 45 %

Distilled in the Netherlands



For us humankind,

2020 has been an uneasy year.

As we draw a close to this year, we all need to set aside a moment of calmness.


Using Twelve nights as a theme,

StoryTeller has conceptualised twelve kinds of emotions,

And through the imagination under the Perfume Trees, help materialised these feelings.


Twelve Nights

An evening where all the wild things are permitted.

Let those characters upon our imagination descend on our world, and may we gather, drink and revel together.

The human and the cat cuddles, the moon attempts to pick the stars, the snake and the cat casually enjoying themselves, and the sun snoozing away as the fox plays the ukulele tunes.

Completely detached from reality, why not? 


Let us celebrate and properly unwind,

Through our hearts, reassemble those accumulated pieces

of complex and tiresome moods.


Limited edition 200 boxes each

Perfume Trees Gin x #StoryTeller【Twelve Nights】Limited Box Set


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