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Nanko Ume Sparkling Honeyed Elixir



750ml ABV 11%


Made In Hong Kong 香港製造


關於 thence.


Thence 是 「from here」的意思,從這裡出發,小批量製作,我們視之為再一次沉思本土可能性的習作。thence. 採用本地採收蜂蜜及時令植物,以多重過濾中性酒提取其精神風味,在輕盈蜜滋裡留住我城一瓢陽光水土的剪影。


thence. 08 | 氣泡蜂蜜梅酒






經歷發酵工序後,需要將瓶子倒轉放置一個月左右,將吃飽糖的酵母渣沉澱在瓶口,便可以進行「除渣」(Disgorgement) 的步驟。「除渣」時,需急速冷卻瓶頂位後開瓶,讓瓶內的壓力將形成固體的酵母渣噴出,然後加入本地生產蜜糖至Demi-Sec。





About thence.


Discover the essence of nature's bounty with thence, a symphony of seasonally curated infusions that captivate the senses and elevate the spirit. Each limited-edition batch, meticulously handcrafted in collaboration with local farmers, celebrates the vibrant tapestry of flavors born from our cherished earth. Embracing a farm-to-bottle philosophy, thence pays homage to the passionate growers who nurture the land and harvest its finest fruits and herbs. Our artisans weave these treasures into a harmonious blend, creating an unforgettable experience that whispers the secrets of each season's soul.


thence. 08 | Sparkling Nanko Ume Honeyed Elixir


The base of plum wine is made using Nanko Ume plums from Kishu, Japan. The brewing process starts with the preparation of the plums. Each Nanko Ume plum is carefully punctured to allow the plum flavor to permeate more easily. Then they are aged in spirit for a year to accumulate flavor. The plum wine is then filtered, and yeast and sugar are added. It is then left to sit for another month, undergoing a 'secondary fermentation' process, similar to the time-honored technique used in traditional champagne production, known as the 'champagne method.' This imparts a unique sense of ritual to the sparkling plum wine, delicately combining the sourness of the plums with the sweetness of honey to create a balanced and refined flavor profile. The fine bubbles, luxurious aroma, and gentle texture make it an unforgettable drink.


Méthode Champenoise | Disgorgement


After going through the fermentation process, the bottles need to be inverted and left to rest for approximately a month. This allows the yeast sediment, which has consumed the residual sugars, to settle at the bottle's neck, preparing it for the "disgorgement" step. During disgorgement, the bottle's neck is rapidly cooled, and then it is opened, allowing the pressure inside the bottle to expel the solid yeast sediment. Local honey is then added to achieve a Demi-Sec classification.


This results in a refreshing sweet-and-sour plum flavor, sweet honey aroma, and fine bubbles, making it the perfect festive libation for the locals. Whether for parties or elegant gatherings with close friends, it's the ideal choice for creating elegant and slightly tipsy moments during the winter season.




1. 收貨後請必須保持0-4°C冷藏。

2. 開瓶前請勿翻轉或搖晃酒瓶。

3. 開瓶時請選擇空曠地方,切勿對準人或貴重物品。


1. Store the bottle refrigerated at temperaturesbetween 0-4°C after receipt.

2. Do not invert or shake the bottle beforeopening.

3. When opening the bottle, choose a spacious,uncluttered area and ensure it is not aimed atpeople or fragile items.

Nanko Ume Sparkling Honeyed Elixir 二次發酵氣泡蜂蜜梅酒


thence 08

  • [收貨後請冷藏 (0-4C) / Keep refrigerated after received (0-4C)]

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